Black jack is a popular card game in Europe and America, commonly known as blackjack here. It is a landmark game, not only related to the cards and luck; It is also testing your wisdom and logic. You need to maintain absolute courage to keep your card number below 21 so that you can beat the dealer and win more money.

Black jack’s rules of the game

In Black jack, the ultimate goal is never to surpass 21 but to surpass the size within 21. The player with the more significant card points wins. At the beginning of the deal, the dealer will give you two winning numbers cards, i.e. face up. Send him two tickets, one for each. In the game, the calculation of the number of cards faces from 2 to 9 is the original number. Ten to k are all 10 points; A is different. It can be 1 or 11 o’clock. When A is calculated at 11 o’clock, and the sum exceeds 21, it is automatically calculating at 1 o’clock.

Black jack’s game features

Black jack’s emphasis is on a big victory at 21 points and an automatic failure beyond 21 points.  The dealer has a card and a dark card. You need to use your stratagem and tact to think about whether to buy insurance, but this insurance is more than gambling. But if in the end, your point is more significant than the banker’s, then your insurance can be taken back, even more, to win the match.

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